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Sorting Facts From Fiction…

Bruce Gorcyca in China

There are far more interesting things in China than The Great Wall but they are not meant for public eyes…

Always demand proof and ask questions. Uncle Sam is a master of deception. Bruce worked for the government 7 years and knows their tricks, traps, and games from both ends – as a player and as a target. Remember, they trained him!

First, Bruce is not a spy for any government. Never was and never will be. Although one of the three degrees he holds from InterAmerican University (Puerto Rico) is in Political Science, Bruce is neither a Democrat nor a Republican and fully agrees with former President Jimmy Carter when he said “America is no longer a democracy”. Thus Bruce has no aspirations of running for public office nor does he have any hidden agenda. Contrary to what you may hear, Bruce is NOT anti-American. He actually enlisted into the military during the Vietnam War when his buds were being drafted. He is anti-corruption and has spent 30 years of his life exposing it at great personal costs that eventually got him exiled in China for10 years, and not by choice. That matter and the 15 government and 3 corporate crimes he exposed make up the 49 chapters and 867 pages of his book which should be finally published in 2020 due to rude interruptions by the FBI since some of their least honorable agents are featured in his book as you can see here…

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Bruce met Dr. Wu at the Chinese Academy of Governance, a special
school in Beijing that all executive leaders must attend to qualify for promotions
and international assignments abroad and with the United Nations missions.

So then, what was Bruce doing in China from October 2008 to the day of his FBI kidnapping on August 23, 2019? Well from 2009 until his departure, Bruce wore many hats… as a corporate trainer for SOE, SME, Fortune 500, and Chinese government executives at the Chinese Academy of Governance, PLA officers, as well as a select group of University post-graduate students. He also taught a CCT pilot course to primary school children on weekends (Creativity & Critical Thinking). Above, Bruce is seen with Dr. Wu, the Chief political advisor to China’s Premier LiKeQiang at the Chinese Academy of Governance where he taught over 300 of China’s leaders, deputy ministers, governors, mayors, etc from 21 provinces of China. Below Bruce is with one of his favorite Public Speaking & Presentation students Pan Gongsheng, the Deputy Governor of the Peoples Bank of China (China’s Central Bank).

Dr. Pan Gongsheng the Deputy Governor of China’s Central Bank (PBC)
learned his public speaking from Bruce in 2013-2014

Below Bruce is with his boss at the Chinese Academy of Governance, Dr. Lu the Executive Director who should be retiring in 2020. Beneath that photo is another with Bruce and some of his government students from seven provinces.

Dr. Lu and Bruce at the Chinese Academy of Governance
Small classes of government officials were a typical
class for Bruce at the Chinese Academy of Governance.

What did Bruce teach these officials and executives? 27 different courses… Because the U.S. Embassy refused to renew Bruce’s passport in 2009, he began training under the name of Anton DeCarlowe at the suggestion of his trusted neighbor who happened to be a respected and high ranking Chinese official and former dean of a top 5 university.

The above courses were popular with Chinese executives.

Because Bruce consistently received favorable evaluations from his students, he began getting more and more training referrals and soon found himself teaching both Flag and Staff officers of China’s Army and Navy who were selected to serve abroad in various UN and embassy positions like those pictured immediately below. He was also asked to train some Mongolian government officials like Mr. Enkboldt (Head of Mongolia’s Parliament) and members of Mongolia’s Chamber of Commerce in Business English…

Bruce trained groups of PLA staff officers in basic and social English to prepare
them for their overseas assignments at Chinese embassies abroad.
Here Bruce teaches a class of 36 investors the basics of stock market trading using critical thinking and trade bots in Beijing.
Bruce taught some basic English to Mongolia’s head of Parliament Mr. Enkboldt.
Tall Mongolian girls tower above Bruce in Ullan Bator, the capital of Mongolia

But training only consumed roughly 50% of Bruce’s time since he was also busy with promoting three disruptive technologies to Chinese investors on behalf of American inventors including a water-pollution solution that requires no chemicals and works within 5 minutes transforming China’s worst polluted water to 95%-98% pure water within 5 minutes. Another technology that Bruce presented to Sinopec, CNOOC, and CNPC engineers and executives provides a green technology for secondary oil recovery of extracting over 6 billion barrels of very thick crude oil (thrice as thick as peanut butter) from China’s 5 major oil fields in DaQing, Bohai, Liaohe, Shengli, and Xin Jiang and some revolutionary aircraft designs (non-military) that use economical electrical engines, including a 5 passenger air taxi. This is Bruce at work in his office…

Bruce in his Beijing consulting office. He taught over 500 Chinese
how to do online day trading and FOREX trading as well.
On weekends Bruce also taught a pilot program of Creativity
and Critical Thinking to Chinese Children whose parents did not
want their kids to be programmed robots
In 2011, Bruce was the Guest Keynote speaker for the Beijing Teachers Association
with a lecture about creative teaching methods used in the West.

Bruce’s love for art started in his early childhood but his forced separation from his family in China kept him always looking for diversions from a growing depression, so he returned to art in his evening hours and eventually had an exhibition at 798 (the art gallery district of Beijing) for his real 3D art (not exclusionary 3D) in which his works actually protruded from the wall by 10-30 centimeters. He was the first artist to bring this “Real 3D Art” to China and sold several pieces like the one below called “For Love Or Money”.

But even with all of the above to distract his mind from his family in Toronto, Bruce was still growing more and more desperate to “go home” and do the job he likes most – being a father. He missed coaching his son’s Little League baseball and soccer teams, and dressing up as Santa Claus every year to fool his favorite person on Earth. Bruce got so desperate to go home that he actually tried shipping himself home by Fedex, snuck aboard a Japanese freight ship, tried bribing a Mongolian air cargo pilot, and got himself robbed and beat up trying to buy a black market passport in Vietnam. When all these schemes failed he was referred to a human trafficking operation in Fujian province (Southeast China) that guaranteed him passage to Vancouver for $50,000. When he told his wife he was coming home she said she would divorce him if he came home any way that wasn’t 100% legal. So Bruce aborted the voyage and lost his $5,000 deposit, but notified the RCMP of the secret operation which transports 50-60 people every two weeks in 40 foot shipping containers. Bruce added a chapter to his book about the huge billion dollar human trafficking operations run out of China – by Americans, Canadians, and Russians who hide behind Chinese fronts giving the false public image that it is only the Chinese smuggling teen girls, pregnant women, and involuntary organ donors. In fact, one of the hundreds of agents for these groups works at a U.S. embassy!

Getting back on point, Bruce missed his own kids so much that a sociologist suggested that it would be good therapy for him to do some coaching in China. So Bruce volunteered 8 hours of his time every weekend coaching baseball and football to kids in Beijing as seen below…

China’s first American football team for team was coached by Bruce in 2010-2012

Before 2009, Bruce worked as the Headmaster for China’s first creativity school for children known as Drama Rainbow which became hugely popular and somewhat famous in Beijing. More about Drama Rainbow can be found in the archives of the Global Times and at this link here: Below Bruce is pictured with some of the teaching staff at Drama Rainbow.

From 2008 to 2012 Bruce was the Headmaster at China’s first creativity school
and joins here with the Drama Rainbow teaching staff for a group photo.
A training day photo at Drama Rainbow in Beijing.

Every Tuesday and Friday evenings Bruce who is known to everyone in China, Canada, and Miami by middle name “Anthony” ran the largest English Club in China at Renmin University, which in 2013 had over 1,000 members. The club was featured on BTV News and in this article The club had regular activities like picnics, Halloween parties, cycling trips, and an annual Thanksgiving and New Year’s dinner.

And every year for Earth Day Bruce gets fellow foreigners to join in with Chinese officials to expand the “Green Zones” of Beijing with tree plantings around the city. Since 2008 his group has planted over 2,000 new trees in Beijing. In the below photo Bruce is photographed next to Xu Dong the Executive Director of SAFEA (State Administration Foreign Experts Association).

Every Earth Day Bruce helps the SAFEA staff plant trees around Beijing.

Bruce also has played Santa Claus to over 30,000 Chinese kids since his arrival to China in 2008, including an annual gig at the Shunyi orphanage for 80 orphans and for the China Autism Society with Ms. World Yu Wen Xia as seen below. Between all these volunteer activities, Bruce donated over 8,000 hours of his time since 2008 and was featured on CCTV and BTV News and China Daily Newspaper;

Ms. World and Bruce bring holiday cheer to Beijing’s autistic kids every year.
Santa Bruce visits the orphanage in Shunyi to deliver some chocolates.
This youngster asked Santa (Bruce) to adopt him 19 times in one day!

Despite all of his volunteer work in China, this is how the American government removed him in August of 2019 to face fabricated stock fraud charges that were already dismissed by U.S. Federal Judge Jack Weinstein in 2007…

This is how Bruce Gorcyca left China on August 23, 2019 after being jailed
incommunicado 458 days without being charged with any crime..

There is a similar dismissal order from U.S. Federal Judge Fred Block at the U.S.Courthouse in Brooklyn on file in court case 08-CR-09 dated November 19, 2019.

By the way, Bruce is also a poet and this is a poem that describes his last 485 days in China, from April 11, 2018 to August 23, 2019… spent totally isolated jailed incommunicado in a Chinese dungeon:

The below is the last 3D painting Bruce completed – as an American political prisoner for the 2nd time in his life. If you want to know about the first time just visit this website… and read the sworn affidavits of 5 eye witnesses about how he was actually tortured in America more than 20 years ago. He wrote this article about that experience.

Before going to China, Bruce had dinner with President Clinton who commended him for his volunteer work in Miami as an HRS-certified AIDS counselor. Bruce was the first American who opened and operated a totally anonymous AIDS testing center in Miami so people could avoid the stigma and the government database of HIV positive patients. After being kidnapped from China, Bruce had Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter, not as a volunteer but as a victim of the government which allowed all of his money, assets, and clothing to be stolen.

This is a sample of the terrorism Bruce’s family was subjected to in Canada and America. To learn more visit

WARNING! Since 2008, a handful of D5 and JTRIG agents have been smearing and spoofing Bruce online, even falsely claiming he is a “wanted pedophile in Canada” and even “confessing” to a few crimes that do not exist. He is getting the same smear treatments as Julian Assange, Jim Stone, and other whistle-blowers and authors like Shaun Atwood, Chip Tatum, Mike Ruppert, etc. Perhaps this is the reason Bruce was never granted the trial he demanded after wrongly/illegally extradited from Canada in 2007 and kidnapped from China in August of 2019.

The two corrupt Federal Bureau of Investigation agents that have zealously tried to frame Gorcyca and lock him away forever are Terry Neslosn and Gregory Coleman who are now both retired and if you google “Rex Judd murder cover-up Flynn Coleman banned in Russia” you will see who Bruce had to battle for 10 years. Gregg is also pals with Terry Nelson who is /was business partners with Jeb Bush as explained in Gorcyca’s book. Or you can watch a great YouTube video by searching at “Ted Gunderson Chip Tatum Terry Nelson Bush drugs” For some reason we cannot post the links here because they get deleted within a day. The FBI has also covered up the Saudi/Mossad links to 911 involving Faisal Shahin, the murder of FBI Wall Street informant Al Chalem, Cheney’s key Enron broker John Pierre Gonyou, and the “Chinagate” scandal that required them to frame and imprison their own Division 5 agent Vo “Ben” Tran who has already served 11 years in prison of a 30 year sentence. Witnesses of government crime in America are either jailed or killed. Believe it. Search “Kay Griggs video interview” and then read Gorcyca’s book. Then think about Seth Rich. How do FBI agents retire as multi millionaires on Key Biscayne or The Hamptons? Hmmm.